Is your event management career stuck?

Are you taking on more and more events, working longer hours, managing a bigger scope, and getting good annual reviews and merit raises, but still being overlooked each year when promotions come around?

Your marketing colleagues keeping moving up the ladder, leaving the company for Director and VP-level jobs, but you're just as good - if not better - than they are. What makes them stand out?


Here's their secret: The marketers in your company are using modern marketing concepts taught by highly-paid consultants from SiriusDecisions, Forrester, and McKenzie. Find out how you can learn and apply the SAME principles to events to be viewed as a more strategic member of the team, get that promotion you've wanted, and make WAY more money - and keep working in the world of events that you love so much.

Live & on-demand virtual classes

Your marketing colleagues are using modern marketing strategies and getting promoted. You can, too. Learn the language of marketing & business and tie it to your event selection, execution, and results by applying modern marketing principles to events.

Bonus: We are a preferred education provider for the Event Industry Council and classes are approved for CEU credit for your CMP certification.

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Peer-to-peer sharing

Join a community of corporate event professionals helping each other by solving real problems, sharing real content, and not selling or self-promoting.

Join our community, come to one of our events, and (beginning in January) gain access to monthly live virtual sessions on a variety of career-advancing topics, from resume writing to learning about how promotions work inside corporations like yours.

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Career coaching

Let our experienced corporate event leaders coach you on your executive presence, consult on your resume, develop an event workshop for your department or business unit, or even guide you on event selection or event portfolio planning for your company.

Invest in yourself and your team and watch your event program soar!

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