Liz Lathan, CMP

Founder, Corporate Event Marketer

My corporate event colleagues and I are passionate about event marketing and bringing people together for a purpose. We have helped event departments at Fortune 500 companies become more strategic, and helped event managers advance their careers by understanding how to apply marketing principles to events.

I'm also the co-founder of Haute Dokimazo, a new kind of event conference, and the ONLY event industry conference offering true peer-to-peer sharing for senior-level event marketers and industry professionals. Learn more at www.hautedokimazo.com

We are a team of senior-level corporate event professionals, who have banded together to get you the guidance you need.



Our Approach

We help corporate event managers (like you!) learn the marketing skills you need to increase your salary, be more strategic, and advance your career. From courses on modern marketing concepts and applying them to events, to toolkits and worksheets that help you make better event participation decisions, to resume tips that get you noticed, a little coaching and your commitment is all you need to succeed in corporate events.

Liz's Story

I love events. I've loved tradeshows since I was a kid, helping my mother set up her booth at the Atlanta Gift Show. After earning my CMP, I was working for an association and making your standard association salary. But I was stuck. It took getting fired from my job and rebooting my role as a marketer focused on events (rather than an event manager who does some marketing) that helped me get a job in corporate America, and earn a leadership position in corporate events. I want to share my knowledge with you and help you think more strategically (using the language of business), earn more (because you provide more value to the business), and advance your career (get that promotion!).

Next Steps...

The course is ready!

The Modern Marketing for Events Master Class has been approved by the Event Industry Council for 6 CEUs for this 6-week live, virtual course (1 hour per week).

We're currently enrolling students to the pilot program for $79. No more than 50 students can join as we launch this content for the first time and get feedback on running it as a virtual class. In exchange for the deep discount, you agree to be the guinea pigs for this!