Our Facebook community

You’ve seen the bad ones; sometimes there are nuggets of advice, but more often it’s pointless self-promotion.

You won’t find that on the Corporate Event Marketer Facebook group! Our community is moderated, helpful, and provides real advice and answers. It’s completely free. You can also join the freemium community with free content, as well as premium member content. Learn more at the Haute Dokimazo Community.

Our events

Tired of going to industry conferences and feeling like you’re in a game of sharks and minnows? As a corporate event marketer, every supplier wants to see your badge. As a supplier, you feel like a hunter. NO MORE.

Haute Dokimazo is a collaborative, friendly group meetup where events professionals from all over the country come together to learn, share, explore, and solve problems. This virtual ‘unconference’ is held monthly in online and is limited to 150 participants. Find the next one at HauteDokimazo.com