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I am so excited about the future of the event marketing industry! Over the past 20 years, I have personally witnessed the event profession go from a purely logistics and design-focused role to a highly strategic, highly integrated marketing function.

A few forward-thinking corporations have begun to incorporate event marketing into the marketing campaign planning process, but event marketers have not always been privy to the same level of marketing education as their marketing peers.

As a veteran of the corporate event world, I have learned so much from my marketing and event peers in the industry, and have achieved tremendous success breaking out of the logistics grind getting a seat a the marketing leadership table.

What I love most about every day is the time I get to spend with my team members and other event professionals to help them solve problems, navigate corporate life, and move up in their career.

This is where the idea for Corporate Event Marketer came from. I have conversations with event professionals every day about how they can get promoted to the next level, but they are only taking on more and more work, hoping they will be noticed and rewarded for it. Unfortunately, corporations will give merit increases for great performance, but in order to get a promotion, you have to prove that you provide more value to the business than your peers who may also be in consideration for a promotion.

In order for event professionals to be considered a strategic member of the marketing organization, they need to speak the language of marketing and business, and not just the technobabble of events.

The Corporate Event Marketer Academy will launch soon (we're just in the process of getting continuing education approval from the Event Council). This course will be a 6-module Modern Marketing for Events online course, designed to teach you the concepts of Modern Marketing, and how you can leverage this for your event marketing program.

Go ahead and sign up to be notified when the course launches, and you'll get a bonus 5-email Min-Course in Modern Marketing.

You can also jump over to the Corporate Event Marketer Facebook group and have meaningful conversations with fellow corporate event marketers (minus the sales pitches usually found in online forums).

Thanks for stopping by, and I'm so excited to have you here!

Now get ready to #ladderup

Liz Lathan, CMP


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