The long road to getting it done…

I had this idea in September 2017 to help event professionals understand basic modern marketing terminology, tactics, and how they relate to events. I tested the waters with some surveys on LinkedIn, some sample content, and lots of talking to people. I read books on creating and selling online courses, bought webinar software, and started gearing up.

Then I got busy. I was working at IBM and our 40,000-person customer event was coming up, not to mention the hundred other things I had going on at work and at home. But I didn't forget about it. I kept working on the content, tweaking it, recording it and re-recording it.

In April 2018, I left IBM to become Executive Vice President of Global Events for Haute Rock Creative, and I now spend my days focusing on Haute Dokimazo and managing a team who oversees client events. I finally drew a line in the sand and said, " I WILL launch this course the last week of June!" Nearly 9 months after I came up with and vetted the idea, it's finally ready to pilot with a real group of students. 9 months!! So yeah, it's a little l

I'm thrilled to launch sales for this pilot class - I'm hoping for 10 students (but no more than 50) so we can collaborate and test out the content together. The course is pre-approved for 6 CEU credits by the Event Industry Council and will cost $347 after we complete the pilot program.

This first group of attendees will get to try it out for $79 in exchange for real, honest feedback, and a little leeway for me as I trial-and-error my way through it.

Ready to join me? Sign up here. 

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